Metro DC Progressive Network

A clearing house of progressive events in the Metro DC area including Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Progressive Groups

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The following groups are located or host progressive events in the Metro DC area.
21st Century Democrats
Alexandria Dems
Arlington County Dems (ACDC)
Arlington for Democracy
America Coming Together
America Votes
American Democratic Action
American Federation of Gov. Employees
American Prospect
Campaign for America's Future
Campaign Corps
Campus Progress
Center for American Progress
Center for Community Change
Center for Corporate Policy
Center for International Policy
Center for Policy Alternatives
Center for Progressive Leadership
Center for Responsive Politics
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Children's Defense Fund
Citizens for Ethics... (CREW)
Clean Water Action
Code Pink
College Democrats
Common Cause
Common Dreams
DC Anti-War Network (DAWN)
DC for Democracy
DC Progressive Book Club
DC Vote
Democracy for America
Democracy for Maryland
Democracy for Virginia
Democratic National Committee
Democratic Networking Group
Democratic Party of Virginia
Democratic Underground
Drinking Liberally
Drinking Liberally - DC
Drinking Liberally - Arlington, VA
Emily's List
Fairfax County Dems (FCDC)
Friends of the Earth
Government Accountability Project
Grassroots Democrats
Hip Hop Caucus
Institute for Policy Studies
Interfaith Alliance
League of Conservation Voters
League of Women Voters
Mainstreet Moms (The MMOB)
Maryland Democratic Party
Media Matters
Moving Ideas
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
National Committee for an Effective Congress
New Organizing Institute
Northern Virginia Greens
NOW National Organization for Women
Operation Truth
People For the American Way
Progressive Maryland
Public Citizen
Progressive Democrats of America
PDA Maryland Discussion Group
PDA Virginia
Progressive Majority
Progressive Policy Institute
Public Campaign
Public Citizen
Raising Kaine
Rock the Vote
Running For Change
Stand Up! for Democracy in DC
Sunday Supper Club
United for Peace and Justice
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
Virginia Grassroots Coalition
Virginia Young Dems
Voters Unite
Wellstone Action
Women’s Information Network
Woman's National Democratic Club
Young Democrats of America
Young Dems of Maryland

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